Nicaragua Travel – Getting here

Nicaragua Travel – Getting here by Air

Nicaragua Travel – European Code Share
There are many ways to get to Nicaragua. Since most of our customers are from the U.S., the U.K. and Canada I will focus on those flights.

There are no direct flights from the Europe or Canada. Much of the traffic flight coming to Nicaragua comes through 4 hubs located in the southern part of the United States; Miami Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles although there are some exceptions.

Using the codeshare system – kind of like an airline partnership – Air Canada and British Airways  work with American Airlines go through Miami; flights on Air France connect with Delta in Atlanta as well as flights on KLM, and flights with Lufthansa and United Air are from London to Managua via Houston.

There are no direct flights from LAX to Managua. Avianca leaves LAX and connects in El Salvador, American flies across the states to connect in Miami, as does Sprit Air, and United leaves Lax to connect in Houston for the flight south.

Copa the airline of Panama, has one of the most unusual U.S to Nicaragua travel schedules. The traveler boards the plane in Chicago (ORD), and flies south over Nicaragua continuing south for another 2 hours; lands in Panama’s Tocumen airport only to change planes to fly 2 hour north back to Nicaragua. For “mileage runners” this may be useful as Copa is known for its outstanding cabin service.

The Miami leg of the trip on an American last 2 hours and 15 minutes. As a side note, back in the 90’s when saving fuel wasn’t so important to an airlines bottom line, the flight was 1 hour and 55 minutes. So, Nicaragua travel is longer as the pilots pull back a bit on the throttles to save fuel. The flight from Houston to Managua is just over 3 hours.

The Airlines that travel to Nicaragua

American Air dominates the Miami Airport , terminal D, and has 3 flights a day to Managua.

Taca now rebranded as Avianca leaves out of Miami out of newly renovated terminal J.

Delta flies to Managua daily from Atlanta.

United Air – flies out of Houston’s George Bush Airport.

Spirit Air Leaves out of Ft. Lauderdale.

Nicaragua travel from Costa Rica is via Nature Air 4 days a week, Copa and Avianca have several flights daily. The latter two being part of a milk run up through Central America then on to the States.

Customs and immigration clearance is refreshing easy

While we don’t handle any international flights, the Tours Nicaragua Team cares for you from the moment you pass through customs in Managua to your return back to the airport for your flight home. Perhaps after 9/11 the Western world’s immigration services have had a lot of new responsibilities and the mission of keeping us all safe is unquestionably hard. Nevertheless it’s refreshing to pass through Nicaraguan customs and hear the common refrain of bienvenido – welcome.