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Ometepe Island

Volcano hiking, mountain biking & kayaking
7 days

The Island of Ometepe is like no other island in the world, and not just because it is the biggest volcanic lake island on our planet. but also its sensual shape, formed by two towering volcanoes wrapped in tropical forest. It rises out of Lake Nicaragua like two magma pyramids pointed to the heavens. The island houses an extinct volcano and an active one and a very friendly rural population which lives off of plantain and sustenance farming.

Pacific Adventure Sports

Kayaking, volcano hiking & boarding, zip-line & surfing (or sailing)
7 days

Playground is open. An active volcano, coastal mangrove forest and the warm Pacific Ocean are the setting for adventure sports that keep your vacation in the smiles. Volcano boarding? Yes, with custom sleds built for the black sand and light gravel slopes of the active Cerro Negro Volcano. After a climb to the summit and a peak on the inside, the downhill speeds are often above 40 km per hour, if you can stay off the brakes.

Volcanic Obsession

Nicaragua volcano climbing – 5 active cones
7 days

Experience what few travelers have before. Hike and climb the thorny spine of Nicaragua’s extraordinary Maribios Volcanoes. A trek with ascents of all 5 active volcanoes in the range. This is a trekking trip that only Nicaragua can offer, so many beautiful active volcanoes, so close together and so accessible. Volcanic Obsession is a trek from the active San Cristobal Volcano, Nicaragua highest to the perfect cone of the active Momotombo Volcano, subject of poets’ verses for centuries.

Nicaragua Adventure

Hiking, kayaking, biking, sailing, zip-lining
8 days

For the active traveler, this experience is can be summed up with one word: FUN.

Nicaragua Adventure takes advantage of Nicaragua’s spectacular geography and un-crowded nature to hike volcanoes, mountain bike through ancient Indian petroglyphs, soar through cloud forest canopy, kayak a tropical island archipelago and sail in private yacht the warm deep blue waters of Nicaragua’s virgin Pacific Coast.

Nicaragua Island Sports

Jicaro Island Ecolodge & Ometepe
7 days

Only Nicaragua can offer so much fun bathed in warm fresh water and tropical lake breezes. For the active traveler who wants to also enjoy the rustic ambiance, with exclusivity and comfort, and lake breezes, this is the ideal multi-sport trip. Nicaragua Island Sports Adventure takes advantage of the peaceful lake island archipelago of Las Isletas in the shadow of the Mombacho Volcano and the spectacular dual-volcano Island of Ometepe.

Nicaragua Multi-Sport Tour

Volcano boarding, kayaking, zip-line, paddle boarding & volcano climbing
8 days

Escape the mundane and experience Nicaragua’s world class nature from the fast lane of fun. Whether sledding down the sandy face of an active volcano or paddling a hidden cove on the Pacific or hiking in virgin cloud forest full of exotic wildlife, Nicaragua Multi-sport Tour features the best locales and sports this unique country has to offer. Zip-lining up in a forest canopy or mountain biking on a volcanic island or paddle-boarding off a private beach. Nicaragua Multi-sport Tour Adventure is a week of pure joy, never boring and forever memorable.