In today’s shrinking planet few countries can boast such an authentic character and culture as Nicaragua. Nicaragua’s unjustly negative image has ironically served to preserve its charm from the hordes of mass tourism.

In addition, the legendary hospitality of the Nicaraguans is obvious to all who visit today and has been noted by visitors to Nicaragua for more than five centuries. Only the most jaded of traveler will not feel the warmth of the Nicaraguan people.

Nicaragua has unique forms of dance, music and festivals, but most of all Nicaragua’s culture breaths poetry, the unrivaled national passion, which has produced some of the most important poets in the history of the Spanish language.

Nicaragua’s food is amongst the finest in Latin America with a premium put on fresh ingredients and generous servings. In addition to the numerous fresh fruits that one expects in the tropics, grilled meats and fresh fish are complemented by locally made cheeses, vine-ripened vegetables, hand made tortillas, fruit drinks, local beers and Nicaragua’s famously smooth rum.

Many travel to the tropics to see its rich flora and fauna. Nicaragua is just now being discovered as a land of great nature reserves. The nature is nothing new it has just been a well kept secret.

The two largest forest reserves in Central America are found in Nicaragua and they are part of 78 national nature reserves that cover 21,000 km2, more than 18% of its landmass. The reserves protect a diverse portfolio of ecosystems, flora and fauna. Biodiversity in Nicaragua is so rich that animals are not only found in parks and distant reserves, but even greater Managua is still home to howler monkeys, deer, iguanas, toucans and parrots.

What makes Nicaragua land most distinct is its dramatic geography marked by lakes and volcanoes. The thorny spine of volcanoes that run from Nicaragua’s northwestern-most point to the dual-volcano island of Ometepe in the great lake of Nicaragua includes countless beautiful volcanic cones, 14 of which are filled with crystal clear crater lakes and 7 of which are active.

Nicaragua numerous lakes and rivers include Central America’s biggest Lake Nicaragua, which is punctuated by more than 500 volcanic islands that support unique wildlife and hide ancient indigenous relics.

Nicaragua’s rich combination of warm, authentic culture and diverse nature and geography make it a treasure for travelers. The fact that Nicaragua has not been overrun by tourists means that it is a place where the visitor can enjoy both the nature and culture of Nicaragua at a relaxed pace and in a unique environment.

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