Nicaragua Travel Guide

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Nicaragua Destinations

Nicaragua is a little known destination for most of the world’s travelers. This part of our web site was made to help you learn a bit in advance about what the country has to offer. It is a summary and is not meant to represent all of the possibilities for the visitor. Your specific interests could very well bring new destinations to the forefront. We can suggest these other locales based on your input. This Nicaragua country information page includes a summary of Nicaragua nature parks and reserves, the San Juan River, Nicaragua’s stunning volcanoes, Nicaraguan beaches, colonial cities and artisan villages.

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Nicaragua Safety

International travelers are often surprised to learn that the United Nations ranks Nicaragua as one of the safest countries in Latin America.

Many of our customers have related to us that before their visit to Nicaragua they were shown concern by family or friends about safety issues in Nicaragua. The easiest way to diminish negative feelings about Nicaragua is to visit and see for yourself. Since you are viewing this site you may soon have that pleasure.

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Why Visit Nicaragua

In today’s shrinking planet few countries can boast such an authentic character and culture as Nicaragua. Nicaragua’s unjustly negative image has ironically served to preserve its charm from the hordes of mass tourism.

In addition, the legendary hospitality of the Nicaraguans is obvious to all who visit today and has been noted by visitors to Nicaragua for more than five centuries. Only the most jaded of traveler will not feel the warmth of the Nicaraguan people.

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Nicaragua Hotels

Our Criteria When Choosing Nicaragua Hotels

Tours Nicaragua offers only the best hotels in Nicaragua that exist in each locale. It is important to note that Nicaragua’s current level of hotel infrastructure does not allow for a great breadth of quality options and most of the good hotels are of small size. This means space is at a premium for the Tours Nicaragua traveler, a customer that looks for quality, comfort and character. Unlike many tour outfitters in Nicaragua and the region, Tours Nicaragua would prefer to not offer a tour, rather than put one of our customers in a Nicaragua hotel that is not up to standards. For Tours Nicaragua the key to a great hotel in Nicaragua is not luxury or frills, rather quality, safety, comfort and unique character.

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