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Pacific Nature Reserves

Mangroves, Tropical Dry and Cloud Forest Nature
7 days

For those who like moderate hiking and diverse nature watching experiences this is an ideal one week trip of immersion in Nicaragua’s unique flora and fauna. From the comfort of classic colonial hotels in León and Granada, as well as two nights in cabins of a private mountain nature reserve, we explore with our naturalist guide and select local experts some of Nicaragua’s finest nature reserves; like the Pacific coast estuary wildlife refuge known as Juan Venado Island, home to numerous reptiles (including nesting sea turtles in-season) and rich bird life which we explore in kayak or motorboat, depending on your preference.

Nicaragua Flora and Fauna

Tropical Dry Forest and Cloud Forest
7 days

Nicaragua is home to a great biodiversity. This trip highlights the unique nature of specialized tropical ecosystems like tropical dry forest and cloud forest. With the assistance of a Tours Nicaragua biologist or naturalist guide this flora and fauna tour allows you to peel back the layers of the extraordinary biodiversity that Nicaragua’s nature parks preserve.

Jungle Love Safari

Rain forest, lake islands, tropical dry forest & volcano cloud forest
7 days

For lovers of tropical flora and fauna, this is a dream date, a trip through four great wildlife reserves full of rich flora and fauna. Rain forest, tropical dry forest and cloud forest in a single week. The journey includes Lake Nicaragua and the isolated and tranquil Archipelago of Solentiname, where you explore its 36, sparsely populated islands, with incredible wildlife.

San Juan River Expedition

Indio-Maíz Rain Forest + Rio Indio + Rio San Juan
7 days

The San Juan River or Río San Juan in Nicaragua, is a timeless passageway through dense tropical rain forest from Central America’s grandest lake to the Caribbean Sea. This historic river was the stage for great colonial period battles between the Spanish Crown and British and French pirates and later became the route of Cornelius Vanderbilt’s inter-oceanic steam ship service during the California gold rush. The Rio San Juan, described by Mark Twain as “an earthly paradise”, is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding rain forest experiences available anywhere.

Nicaragua Rain Forest Wildlife

Indio-Maíz, San Juan River & Los Guatuzos, Lake Nicaragua
7 days

In Nicaragua’s 78 precious nature parks nature is king. Mankind is just a footnote. This natural history tour visits two of Nicaragua’s most important rain forest reserves. Although they are not the easiest or most economical to get to, they are probably the finest for all around wildlife viewing. For those who love nature and want to enjoy it with the peace and quiet of wilderness, not with a crowd of tourists, Nicaragua Wildlife is a natural history expedition that offers the real thing.