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Little Corn Island Extension

Caribbean beach side trip
4 days

Nicaragua’s Corn Islands are a slice of Jamaica in Nicaragua. Creole English is the native language, reggae music the norm and coconut bread is cooked fresh leaving sweet aroma in the air. Although not the most economical way to extend your Nicaragua vacation stay, a side trip to Little Corn Island is great for lovers of ocean reef nature and white sand beaches. Little Corn Island has beautiful coral reefs and a very relaxed life style.

Caribbean Beach Honeymoon

Nicaragua’s Corn Islands
7 days

If you are dreaming of warm and clear, turquoise water washing up on white sand beaches, you are dreaming of Little Corn Island. If you are dreaming of snorkeling in pristine coral reefs, you are dreaming of Little Corn Island. If you want someone else to take care of the hassles, arrangements and leave the dreaming up to you, you came to the right place. Tours Nicaragua offers Little Corn Island to those in search of serious relaxing, floating and snorkeling, or even diving.

Multi-Sport Nicaragua Honeymoon

Kayak, hiking, zip-line, mountain bike & sailing
8 days

For the newlywed and active couple, this Nicaragua Honeymoon can be summed up in one word: FUN. How better to bond after the big day then paddling the warm waters of Lake Nicaragua and then go sailing in the deep blue Pacific Ocean on a private yacht? What is more romantic then mountain biking around active volcanoes after zipping through the cloud forest canopy above a shade coffee plantation? Active Honeymoon in Nicaragua takes advantage of Nicaragua’s spectacular geography and un-crowded nature to start your new life together with a bang, surrounded in beauty.

Lake & Sea Eco-Honeymoon

Jicaro Island & Morgan’s Rock – Exclusive Coastal Ecolodges
7 days

If you decide to honeymoon in high end, world class, ocean and lakefront Ecolodges your choices are few and far between in the Americas. If you also insist that these lodges combine the warm waters of a massive tropical lake and a virgin Pacific Beach, well then your choices have been narrowed down to one country: Nicaragua. While many countries have beautiful beaches and forests, only Nicaragua gives you the chance to enjoy ocean spray and howler monkeys with lake island elegance and candlelit dinners in the shadow of a volcano.

Ometepe Island & Morgan’s Rock

Volcano, Forest & Beach Adventure
7 days

Who said the beach had to be boring? Or that dense tropical forest and towering volcanoes can’t include a daily dose of sand and warm water? Ometepe Island is Nicaragua’s fresh-water Tahiti, made up of two volcanoes rising up out of a warm tropical lake teaming with exotic fish. Both of the island’s tropical forest-wrapped volcanoes are great for hiking and nature watching, while Ometepe best beach, Santo Domingo is ideal for horseback riding or just chilling. Morgan’s Rock is a private nature reserve on the Pacific Coast, a pristine beach backed by more than 3,000 acres of tropical forest reserve.