Nicaragua Honeymoon

The perfect Nicaragua Honeymoon

Many newly married couples looking for a unique warm weather experience are now considering a Nicaragua Honeymoon. The Boston Globe, Lonely Planet and New York Times have recently included Nicaragua in their top ten places to visit in the world and newlyweds seem to agree.

It also appears that few want to spend their honeymoon just lying around. Relaxation, warm water experiences still dominate honeymoon vacation packages, but more and more new couples want to have some fun.

It is no surprise therefore, that Nicaragua adventures are part of that equation. Mixing beach time with adventures like kayaking, volcano surfing, hiking and sailing have become the norm in planning.

Since Nicaragua is blessed with two oceans and two great lakes, all with warm water and sunny skies year round, there is hardly a better playground for those tying the knot that want to celebrate with Nicaragua adventures.

That said, not every Nicaragua honeymoon need be a beach and multi-sport trip. As blessed as Nicaragua is with water, it is equally renowned for its great biodiversity, spectacular geography and fabulous nature reserves. That is why Nicaragua ecotourism is another sublime solution for couples who are celebrating their vows. Whereas many ecotourism destinations have become slick commercial operations with the end of a hiking trail morphing into a souvenir shop, ecotourism in Nicaragua is still fresh, in its discovery phase, with rougher trails than Costa Rica for example, but with much less traffic as well.

A perfect blend of adventure and relaxation on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

In reality any Nicaragua tour works for a honeymoon couple that wants to escape the common. It is a place for people who want something fresh romantic and off the beaten path. For example we have had a lot of success with Aqua resort and Guacalito, both beautiful beach properties on the Pacific.

Any Nicaragua tour, whether it be a regular adventure tour, ecotour or beach honeymoon will leave a lasting impression for years to come and will no doubt be the start of a much longer love affair.