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For university student trips Tours Nicaragua offers a wide range of tours including geology tours of Nicaragua. Nicaragua’s geology is an ideal subject for university student trips, as it has some of the most active geology in the America’s. A young country geologically and with a great variety of active volcanoes and other geological formations with easy access to observe and study.

The landmass that currently makes up Nicaragua began to form roughly in the late Jurassic period. This occurred when a large Precambrian province, the Chortis block, drifted between the continents of North America and South America, and the two plates converged around it. Formation of the Central American Isthmus began connecting the American continents 3 to 6 million years ago.

Our Nicaragua university geology study tour visits the unique and impressive Nicaragua depression, which has created a mini-rift valley that is home to great lakes, active volcanoes and numerous crater lakes.

This geology student trip and study tour in Nicaragua also highlights one of the world’s youngest volcanoes and numerous calderas and they are easily accessed from Nicaragua’s beautiful Spanish colonial towns.

Tours Nicaragua active geology university student tour also presents a fascinating contrast between an ancient artisan method gold mining and state of the art geothermal power.

However, it is not all academic student field work, for we include sports like kayaking, zip-lining and volcano sledding. Our geology tour in Nicaragua is a way for both students and enthusiasts alike to get the most of their precious vacation time bringing books and study to life with an active geology tour.

Tours Nicaragua invites university geology professors or geology enthusiasts to create their own itinerary or work with us in planning a special one that includes elements which they wish to emphasis