Tours Nicaragua – Adventure Multi Sport Trips

We’ve been using the same web site since 2004 – its time for a change. The old adage about “if isn’t broken… don’t fix it” has merit. Nevertheless, Tours Nicaragua is pleased to present our brand new web site, with a bunch of very popular tours, new ground breaking trips and as always lots of information for the traveler. Tours Nicaragua was one of the first companies in Nicaragua to have a web site, dating back to 1997, and we have always felt the importance of communicating directly with travelers who want to learn about Nicaragua’s nature, culture or just have a great adventure or relax session.

That is why we offer everything from traditional introduction tours of Nicaragua to highly specializing expert led trips, to exciting adventure multi-sport trips. Nicaragua has a great deal to offer the traveler, and we are here to serve you, to make sure you have the best experience possible, take out all the hassles and also make your travel to Nicaragua a much more memorable experience.

We welcome your letters and comments on our new web site design and hope to serve you soon.

Warm regards,
Richard Leonardi
General Manager