Often time’s independent travelers would shudder at the thought of taking a tour package to Nicaragua. Many think that travel packages are a way to skim through a culture and move on to the next monument; much like the European bus tours that visits 12 countries in 7 days. “If its Wednesday it must be Rome” was the common joke.

However, there are many companies offereing Nicaragua tour packages, and no doubt some could be disappointing, but in essence it depends what kind of tour company is running the program.

Our version of a Nicaragua tour package is to take care of our clients from start to finish along with a highly personalized service. All of our Nicaragua tour packages include expert English speaking guides, professional drivers, unbranded transportation, and quality hotels and of course all the culture, nature and adventure tours that make Nicaragua a very interesting destination to visit.

The letter to the right, sent to the New York Times by a Tours Nicaragua client illustrates this point. Whereas many companies might not be thrilled to publish a letter from a client who broke their ankle on a volcano hike, Tours Nicaragua sees this letter as exactly why a  Nicaragua tour package that is client focused  offers value beyond the norm.

We invite you to take advantage of our planning and expertise. Whether that means a package or just a great, complete service is really just semantics, the most important part is we do everything possible to make sure you have the best experience possible on your visit.

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