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Stan Kimer

Stan Kimer, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Hello Richard –

I am home in the US – – actually came back just for one night to repack and get to New York for business. It was a wonderful trip and your services were excellent.

Some thoughts:
The Hotel Convento in Leon is truly world class – very very nice, great rooms, wonderful food.

Rigo was fantastic and very enjoyable to be with. He made me feel so comfortable and had so much insight into Nicaragua – probably one of the best tour guides I’ve ever had. Rigo also took me to the ocean for the sunset one day. I recommend adding that to all Leon trips.
We did the Telica hike in reverse and it worked great – in fact I really recommend that route – we started in San Jacinto and went to Telica from there. Also Cerro Negro was wonderful, the sliding down the side was not bad at all, and the Laguna Tigre is extraordinarily beautiful.

Gerald was also an excellent tour guide and he provided some extra and special little touches like sampling native fruits at a fruit stand and having a Nicaraguan pastry for dessert one day. Also his English is excellent and he had great insight into the country.

The driving was good, safe, always felt comfortable.

The Patio de Malinche in Granada was a very pleasant hotel – yes, it was quite spartanly furnished compared to Convento but very comfortable, the sitting areas and pool areas were great, and the hotel owner was very helpful and pleasant. He also provided a very nice breakfast.

I am totally pleased with the services.

Stan Kimer, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

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