Rod and Patricia Sein

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Rod and Patricia Sein

Rod and Patricia Sein, Lively, Ontario, Canada

Hello Tours Nicaragua,

We recently went on a wonderful nature tour of the Rio San Juan with Tours Nicaragua. There were 4 of us who boated down the river and ended up at the beautiful Rio Indio Lodge on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

We were given amazing views of all sorts of beautiful birds including Roseate Spoonbills, Southern Lapwings, the Red legged honeycreeper, blue grey tanager, squirrel cuckoo, Semiplumbeous Hawk, King Vulture, Slaty-tailed Trogon, Pale billed and Lineated Woodpeckers and so many many more.

We saw an otter, many monkeys (Howler, Capuchin, Spider), crocodiles, caimans and iguanas. It was a nature filled 5 day trip.

Our guide Lenin was amazing, not only knowing so many species, where to find them, spotting them and giving us the opportunity to get great photos.

Our boat driver Manual was also a great spotter and manipulated the boat so well to allow us to take time so everyone in the boat had opportunities to see what he had spied.

Also the excursion up the Rio Indio to visit with the Rama family was very special.

The accommodations were spectacular and the meals were so delicious. This was our second trip with Tours Nicaragua and we would recommend it greatly and hope we will enjoy another tour with this fine organization in the future.

Rod and Patricia Sein, Lively, Ontario, Canada

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