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Joanne McGloin

Joanne McGloin, Guilford, Connecticut, USA

Dear Richard,

What a terrific vacation we had in northern Nicaragua and what a stroke of luck to find Tours Nicaragua! Here is some feedback on your services.

Website Well designed, informative and frank about services/infrastructure in rural areas.

Tour consultation Your customizing the tour to accommodate our group size (4), schedule limitations and need for reliable electricity at night made the trip possible. The itinerary you planned made it both interesting and fun!

Driver Having the car and driver relieved us of a major source of vacation stress. And, Francisco did so much more. He carefully avoided children, potholes, livestock, and speeding buses packed to double capacity. He patiently slowed and maneuvered to allow us to take photos along our very scenic route. And he thoughtfully found shade for the van when one of our group sat out more strenuous walks.

Guide As many of your other customer letters state, Lenin is a treasure. In addition to his wide ranging knowledge, his good humor and positive attitude made the trip so pleasant. His courtesy, consideration and attention to details were outstanding. I cannot imagine a better guide for our trip.

Country We’d been planning this trip for some time, but we had no idea how much Nicaragua has to offer visitors. As you know, we came for the history and had a chance to see where my grandfather was stationed with the USMC in 1931 at Ocotal and Matagalpa. We left with a great appreciation for Nicaragua in the present beautiful beaches, amazing volcanoes, howler monkeys in the cloud forest, lovely little hotels, the list goes on.

People Everywhere we went people were courteous and friendly. We saw people doing all types of hard work, often with little or no technology farmers, fishermen, gold miners, coffee and leather workers, and the wonderful women at the pottery cooperative.

Thank you for helping us have one of our best family vacations ever! I highly recommend Tours Nicaragua.

Joanne McGloin, Guilford, Connecticut, USA

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