Gregg and Margie Whitnah

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Gregg and Margie Whitnah

Gregg and Margie Whitnah, San Carlos, California, USA

Dear Richard,

We are writing to provide you with some feedback on our Nicaragua tour. The itinerary was great. It had a diverse range of experiences and we enjoyed them all. All of the accommodations were the finest to be offered in each of our different locations. We found the logistics of transport to be well organized and effective. In particular we would like to comment on our tour guides who made an excellent trip even better.

Lenin’s (guide) knowledge of volcanoes and natural history was outstanding. Our journey to Telica Volcano was memorable. It took a lot of expertise on Lenin’s part to even get there. Once there the experience of hiking to a rim of a live volcano was exhilarating. The next day our visit to Cerro Negro was just as exciting. To visit a volcano that had such a recent history of eruptions was quite unique. Later that day we visited and swam in Laguna Tigre, which was especially unique knowing that Lenin spent part of his childhood nearby. His knowledge and enthusiasm made an enjoyable trip that much better. Throughout our three days with Lenin he was always doing his best to cater to our every need. He skillfully arranged and accompanied us for a visit with widow and son of Jose Jiron Teran, the late Ruben Dario scholar, of Leon.

Roberto (guide) was an exceptionable historian and during our two days with him we learned a great deal about the Nicaraguan history and culture and were intrigued by his own personal experiences. He too did his best to please us and made adjustments in our schedule so that we could visit a cigar factory in Estelí that was managed by the relatives of my wife’s friend.

Gerald was our third guide and was as outstanding as Lenin and Roberto. He proved to be quite knowledgeable on birds when we visited the Montibelli Reserve and later saw the parrots at Chocoyero reserve. He was a charming traveling mate at Ometepe Island. Being marathon runners ourselves we found him to be quite the adventurer when we climbed to the Maderas Volcano Crater Lagoon. One of the more challenging day hikes in recent years for us, he was quite supportive in our journey. He was also quite informative in our travels throughout his region which he obviously knew well.

We can (and already have) highly recommend Tour Nicaragua to our friends. Everything was great and we are sure we will be visiting Nicaragua again knowing that we will be well taken care of. We really felt so privileged having such capable, personable tour guides.

Thanks for everything,

Gregg and Margie Whitnah, San Carlos, California, USA

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