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Donna Doyle and Ed Kazmierski

Donna Doyle and Ed Kazmierski, Montrose, Pennsylvania, USA

Hi Richard;

I finally got caught up enough after vacation to e-mail you about our trip of San Juan River complete.

It was AWESOME!!!!!!! Going down the river was wonderful, even for non-birder types like us. The amount of wildlife is breathtaking.

Lenin (guide) was the best. He’s really a great guy and a great guide. We hit it off right away. He couldn’t possibly be more accommodating. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. His knowledge of the birds and wildlife were remarkable. He is just an all around good person to hang with on the river or probably anywhere!!! He spotted everything. Senor Martin (boatman) is a charmer. He knew the river better then I know my house. He never hit a rock and always knew where he was. The people up and down the river always had a shout out for him. I think he knows everyone!!! We grew very fond of him during the trip.

The combination was perfect!! They even got us into the Rio Indio part of the Indio-Maíz Biological Reserve where we found a herd of wart hogs (actually we smelled them first) and went further up the Indio river then tourists had ever been. Spectacular!!

Just had to tell you how great it was, the night cruise for caiman, the kayaking, Greytown, the sand bar and the trip to San Juan del Norte were all terrific. You and Mike were right, that is the best trip. Worth every penny!!!

Thanks again.

By the way, I took your new guidebook with us and it was very helpful, no Moon book this time!! I saw a lot of travelers using your Footprint book. I think you’re catching on!!

You’ll probably hear from us again.

Donna Doyle and Ed Kazmierski, Montrose, Pennsylvania, USA

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