NICARAGUA HONEYMOON - Nicaragua Lake & Sea Adventures
Beach Honeymoon in Nicaragua

Little Corn Island extension – Caribbean beach side trip

4 days

Although Nicaragua’s principle attractions are on the Pacific side, this extension is a great way to add great snorkeling, diving or just relaxing to your trip. Nicaragua’s Little Corn Island is a laid back, turquoise water and white sand paradise. This extension is for sand and sea lovers who enjoy a no-frills authentic island experience. To combine this trip with an itinerary just let us know so we may quote. Your international flight departure times are useful to make this fit your itinerary the best possible.

Caribbean Beach Honeymoon – Nicaragua’s Corn Islands

7 days

The Corn Islands in Nicaragua are bathed turquoise water and lined by sugar white beaches. The attitude is laid back, really laid back. No resort living or hotels on the islands, this is for sand and sea lovers who want to stay real and enjoy a no-frills authentic island experience with world class reefs. This trip features four nights on Little Corn Island, as well as two nights in Managua to permit time for international flights in and out of Nicaragua. Come enjoy some Nicaraguan reggae and clear water sun.

Lake Nicaragua Island Active Honeymoon – Jicaro Ecolodge + Ometepe Island

7 days

Escape the ocean beach honeymoon cliché. But stay coastal, while enjoying the warm, clean fresh water of Mesoamerica’s grandest lake. The exotic volcanic islands of Lake Nicaragua are a perfect setting to relax and enjoy tropical nature while hiking both active and dormant volcanoes full of endangered species and enjoying lake breezes and total privacy. Escape from the ordinary - enjoy the sun, endless sky and fresh water sea of Lake Nicaragua.

South Pacific Honeymoon – Secluded Pacific Coast Beach Escape

7 days

While the contestants of Nicaragua Survivor fighting on the beach for a prize, the show producers are relaxing at Nicaragua’s finest beach hotels. One such hotel is Orquidea del Sur, chosen by television producers for its quality, unique beauty and above all its location. We pretty much used the same criteria to offer it as a very relaxing beach escape for honeymoons, or just a quite vacation at the sea. The remote, secluded, Nicaragua south Pacific awaits.

Lake & Sea Eco-Honeymoon – Jicaro Island & Morgan’s Rock - Exclusive Coastal Ecolodges

7 days

You don’t need to travel coast to coast to enjoy two seas in the same day. In Nicaragua the islands of Lake Nicaragua are just 3 hours from the remote beaches of its Pacific Coast. This unique honeymoon takes advantage of two unique world-class ecolodges designed by the same British architect; but in very distinct beautiful locales. Both ecolodge’s feature private bungalows made from precious woods with king sized beds and great views, cabins that wrap you in the nature and sounds of the sea and lake.

Ometepe Island & Morgan’s Rock – Volcano, Forest & Beach Adventure

7 days

For those that must be coastal on their time off, but want nature/adventure, this is perfect. Climb a volcano draped in virgin cloud forest, then back-float in a warm tropical lake gazing at the summit you conquered. Mountain bike in a private nature reserve full of howler monkeys, then pass a day swinging in a hammock on a private beach. Ometepe and Morgan’s Rock are unique destinations, ones that offer nature sautéed in world-class relaxation.